Big Data

The industry today is all about big data, analysis, intelligence, and the infinite volume of structured and unstructured bytes of data that businesses drown in on a day-to-day basis. Big data is an integral part of any product or service on the market and technologies like Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch are only some of those that enable companies to take optimum advantage of their data and reach amazing business results.

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Shimi Bandiel

Shimi is the CTO of Trainologic. Shimi has more than 15 years of experience in Programming, Consulting and Training. Specializes in Programming Practices, Design & Architecture and Performance.

Avi Shefi

Avis Specialties: * Web & mobile applications, architecture, scaling, security, fault-tolerance, performance * Distributed computing, big data & data science, machine learning and statistics * Programming languages – theory, inner-workings...

Alex Landa

Alex is BigData and Devops consultant at Trainologic. Alex is a hacker, developer and architect who enjoys every aspect of the software life cycle - architecture, design, code, testing and...

Yoram Kornatzky

Yoram is Software Architect & Engineer Yoram has 20 years of development experience Ph.D. Computer Science Open Source, Web, Server, Mobile, Cloud Mobile Apps iOS, Android, Phone Gap,...