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Consulting, Development, Training

Trainologic strongly believes that in-depth knowledge is at the basis of any technology service. We built our competencies around three core services – consulting, development and training. Our experts spare no effort to work with your developers and technologists to help them successfully complete your solution and bring it to market quickly and cost effectively.


Trainologic is your company’s trusted technology advisor.

Is there any specific problem your team cannot solve? Is your code development not going as planned? Are you looking for the best technology for your product? Are you struggling with technology-related decisions? Our experts can help. No problem is too small or too big for our experienced professionals.

  • Successful and cost-effective project management – from selecting the most suitable technology through proofs of concept to building an entire architecture
  • Hands-on approach helps you launch products to the market quickly and effectively
  • Intelligent problem solving – from individual bugs to overall system performance
  • Time to market – ongoing brainstorming, recommendations for purchasing products and more


Trainologic works closely with your R&D team to solve a one-off a capacity problem or work on an entire project. 

We put at your disposal our top experts who work as an extension of your own development organization.

  • Project execution – total or partial project management in any stage of the software-development process
  • Outsourcing of top development professionals – including scanning, evaluation and technical interviews to ensure maximum compatibility
  • Specialized training of software developers according to specific position requirements


Trainologic provides professional training in a variety of technology content fields.

Our instructors come from the industry and bring first-hand knowledge of how software development really works. They know about Agile development, time to market and the bottom line, so they work together with your developers to ensure your projects’ success.

From junior developers to high-end technologists, from a single workshop to an entire project, from one day to several weeks, onsite or offsite – Trainologic’s training professionals ramp up your development team’s knowledge.

  • Personalized training courses customized to the needs of your organization
  • Training materials developed specifically by Trainologic for its customers
  • Courses on traditional technologies as well as on the latest trends and innovations
  • Optimum integration of theoretical knowledge with hands-on software development

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