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Trainologic DevJam 2018

Daniel Hotel, Herzliya

About the event:

The day to day life of a modern software developer has changed dramatically during recent years. The modern developer is responsible for testing, DevOps practices and different disciplines like BigData, Machine Learning, Cloud and full stack technologies.

During the DevJam we will have sessions and seminars about different technologies, ideas, and disciplines a modern developer should master.

The DevJam is a two-day event –
The first day of the DevJam includes a set of “power sessions” about different technologies, while the second day includes several full-day “deep dive” seminars.

Leading members of the Israeli developer community, Alex Landa, Shimi Bandiel, Gal Marder, Ori Calvo, Oren Ezer and others explained everything you need to know about the topics above. Participants got a chance to meet with other professionals in the field and gain some practical experience.

The DevJam will take place on the 21-22.05.2018 at Daniel Hotel, Herzliya

Conference Agenda

A Taste of Trainologic’s Java Jam – 2017 Conference:

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