Trainologic Helps a Leading Software and Services Provider Improve Time to Market by 30%

About the Customer

The customer is a leading software and services provider to some of the most successful communications and media companies in the world. With over 20,000 employees, the company has customers in over 80 countries and solutions that include BSS, OSS, network control, and more.

The Opportunity

One of the company’s large delivery groups wanted to modernize its project and implementation practice in both Israel and India.

About five years ago, the group’s manager began evaluating new software-development methodologies and looked into external companies that would provide consulting services and guidance. After meeting with Trainologic’s experts, the company decided to embark in a project with Trainologic’s guidance.

The Approach

The approach followed was very systematic. First, Trainologic analyzed the company’s current processes by meeting with over 100 people in Israel and India. The result of the survey was a document with both technical and process-related recommendations.

Once the recommendations were approved, Trainologic began with the implementation project. This included placing Trainologic personnel in the company’s premises, as well as regular and periodic meetings with Trainologic’s experts. The pool of talent contributed by Trainologic helped the company’s employees to grasp the new concepts and methodologies very quickly.

Other methods used to instill the new knowledge and changes included lectures about new work processes, and working hand in hand with the company’s programmers and architects.

Trainologic’s extensive efforts and their in-depth understanding of the latest software-development technologies succeeded in transforming the work of the delivery group, introducing modernized techniques.


  • At least 30% improvement in project time to market
  • Increased value – the company’s delivery group was successful in significantly improving delivery capabilities in a very short time
  • Excellent results at reasonable prices – compared to global companies, Trainologic gets the work done, with very high quality, at reasonable costs

Trainologic’s Advantages

  • Direct, clear communications – Trainologic speaks the customer’s language, understands the needs and is capable of making things happen quickly
  • Versatility – no matter the requirement, in anything related to technology, software development, open source, and more, Trainologic is a go-to trusted advisor for many companies
  • Increased business value – thanks to Trainologic’s analysis, recommendations and personnel, businesses grow significantly, enabling companies to optimize their products and services

Staff augmentation – Trainologic can provide its own experts and also train employees through dedicated courses thus increasing team size

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