What’s new in Java 8?


Java 8 provides many new and exciting features.
Including: function lambdas, default methods, method references and more syntax sugar. Libraries have also been updated (e.g., java.util.concurrent, new date/time library, and more).
In this course we’ll cover in depth the new additions to Java 8.
We’ll also cover some aspects of Functional Programming.

Target Audience

  • Java developers
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers


Familiarity with the Java language


Lambda Expressions:

  • The Motivation for Lambda Expressions
  • Lambda Syntax
  • Lambda Rules
  • FunctionalInterface
  • High Order Functions
  • Method References
  • Changes to Interfaces
  • Optional

Syntax Features:

  • Type Inference
  • Changes in Annotations


  • Parallel Collections
  • Streams API
  • Working with Streams

API Changes:

  • Date and Time APIs
  • Java Util Concurrent Additions

JVM and Tools:

  • PermGen Removal
  • Memory Management Changes
  • New Command Line Tools



2 days

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