Webpack internals


With more than 1.5M downloads per month, Webpack has become the standard de-facto for implementing build system
Webpack offers a configuration based approach. As such, it is very easy to start working with. However, creating a clear and easy to maintain build system is a challenging and a non-trivial task
During this course, we cover all technical details of Webpack and deep dive into its internals.
At the end of the course you will be able to implement a complex, yet easy to maintain build system using Webpack


Target Audience

Front end developers


  • Good familiarity with JS
  • Basic familiarity with WEB world including HTTP, CSS, HTML


Getting Started

  • Installing prerequisites
  • Use Webpack from the command like
  • Create a configuration file
  • Integrate into package.json
  • Use Webpack development server


  • What is a loader
  • Analyze babel-loader
  • Configuring a loader
  • Analyze css-loader & style-loader
  • Order of loaders
  • Analyze url-loader
  • Creating a custom loader


  • What is a plugin
  • Analyze UglifyJSPlugin
  • Analyze ExtractTestWebpackPlugin
  • Configuring a plugin
  • Analyze CommonChunkPlugin
  • Analyze HtmlWebpackPlugin
  • Compiler lifecycle hooks
  • Creating a custom plugin

Advanced Topics

  • Code splitting
  • Customizing the development server
  • Webpack middleware
  • Integrating with Typescript


1 day

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