Upgrading your AngularJS Skills


AngularJS is the most popular MVC-like framework for developing single page applications (SPA). It offers an elegant data binding mechanism and a clean architecture which focuses on separation of concerns and testability. Many developers find AngularJS to be an “easy to work with” framework. However, writing an efficient and easy to maintain AngularJS application is not so straightforward.
During the “Upgrading your AngularJS Skills” course, we focus at writing modern, clean and efficient AngularJS code while keeping up to date best practices like using component method and Typescript.
At the end of the course you will be able to use AngularJS in a way that resembles development using other modern frameworks like Angular2 and React but still able to use the large eco-system of AngularJS


  • At least ½ year experience with AngularJS
  • Good familiarity with JS
  • Basic familiarity with WEB world including HTTP, CSS, HTML


What’s new in ECMAScript 

  • Classes
  • Arrow Function
  • Async/await
  • Import/export
  • Block scope variable
  • Template string
  • Properties
  • For … of
  • Generator
  • Promise
  • Map, Set & Friends

Deep dive into AngularJS Lifecycle 

  • Scope Tree
  • When is a scope created
  • Scope hierarchy & $rootScope
  • Avoiding $scope
  • Dependency injection
  • How does automatic DOM update work
  • $apply vs. $digest
  • $applyAsync vs. $evalAsync vs. $$postDigest
  • Watchers
  • Event handling
  • Controller cleanup

Component based Architecture

  • Why ng-controller is limited
  • Directive as a component
  • The new module.component method
  • One way data binding
  • Component’s event
  • Component lifecycle hooks
  • Externalizing component state
  • Dealing with nested component
  • Smart vs. Dump component
  • Exposing child component API

Advanced Topics 

  • Dynamic component creation
  • Lazy loading
  • Manual bootstrapping
  • $provide vs. $injector
  • Integrating Module loader
  • Profiling
  • Why templateUrl is bad
  • Be aware of state full filter
  • Optimizing ng-repeat

Custom Directives 

  • When to implement a directive
  • Simple directive
  • Directive lifecycle
  • Compile vs. preLink vs. postLink
  • Scope isolation level
  • Implement tooltip
  • Implement Popup
  • Implement Grid

Introduction to Angular 2/4 

  • What’s new
  • Getting started with angular-cli
  • Writing components
  • Writing providers
  • Integrating router
  • Working with http




5 days

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