Test Driven Development


By now Test Driven Development (TDD) is a well-known and appreciated practiceexercised by many development teams around the globe.
Unlike the name suggests, TDD is not a testing technique but a development technique that results in cleaner high quality code. Implementing effective and useful TDD is a complicated task that requires developers to have both discipline and familiarity with a set of test automation tools.
This course explains the TDD methodology, introduces a recommended set of opensource testing tools and includes hands-on exercises (about 50% of the course’s duration) to practice the tools.

Target Audience

Object Oriented developers, team leaders and project managers


Familiarity with the Object-Oriented language


Introduction to Test Driven Development:

  • Traditional software testing
  • Functional/Regression/Integration/Unit Testing
  • Introduction to Agile software development
  • The Test First approach
  • Test First challenges
  • Automated Testing
  • Demo


  • Introduction
  • TestCase
  • TestSuite
  • Test’s life cycle
  • Running xUnit from the IDE

Mock Objects:

  • Mediator objects and Testing
  • Introduction to Mock objects
  • Introduction Mock frameworks
  • Setting Mock Expectations
  • Mock Verification

Writing efficient tests and testable classes:

  • What should be tested?
  • How to write a test – Best Practices

Design for Testability:

  • Should testing change my design?
  • What is design for testability
  • Tips
  • Dependency Injection

Acceptance Test Driven Development:

  • Challenges
  • The ATDD solution
  • ATDD Frameworks


2 days

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