Spark is a popular framework for Big Data processing. It can be used for offline batch processing and for near real-time streaming.
In this course, the students will get a deep understanding on how to work with Spark, its various components and how to optimize for performance

Target Audience

Java developers, Team leaders, Product Managers


Basic knowledge of Scala


Spark Core:

  • What is Spark ?
  •  RDD Basics
  • Map Reduce and Shuffles
  • Caching
  • Web Monitoring
  • Usecases
  • Serialization
  • Troubleshooting

Spark SQL:

  • Introduction to Spark SQL & Data Frames
  • DataSets
  • Integration with Different Data Source
  • Use cases and Hand-on

Spark Streaming:

  • Introduction to Streaming
  • Spark streaming API
  • Use cases and Hands-on




2 days

Next public course

26/3 , 27/3/18

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