Spark. The Scala way


Scala is a type safe programming language that runs on-top of the JVM.
Scala was tagged as the ‘long time replacement for Java”.
Scala is both object-oriented and functional thus allowing developers the easily express themselves using powerful tools without losing performance. By the end of the course the students will know the Scala language, how to use it, the correct patterns and will also have extensive hands-on experience which is crucial when learning a new language.

Target Audience

Java developers, Team leaders, Product Managers


Object Oriented Knowledge


Intro to Scala:

  • Why another Language?
  • The Features of Scala
  • Scala vs. Java

Basic Syntax:

  • Basic Syntax
  • Basic Class syntax
  • Visibility Rules

Object Oriented Programming in Scala:

  • Everything is an Object
  • Objects and Companion Objects
  • No Operators (Just Functions)
  • Introduction Parameterized Types
  • Traits & Mixins


  • High Order Functions
  • Lambdas and Closures


  • Mutable vs. Immutable Collections
  • Comparing and Integrating with Java Collections
  • Functional API
  • Persisted Collections
  • Performance Characteristic

Pattern Matching:

  • Case Classes
  • Pattern Matching
  • Exception Handling

For Expressions:

  • Using for with Collections
  • For De-Sugaring
  • For with Options
  • For with Futures


  • Implicit methods
  • Implicit classes
  • Implicit parameters


  • Lazy and Call-by-name
  • Test Frameworks
  • Tail Recursions

Spark Core:

  • What is Spark?
  • RDD Basics
  • Map Reduce and Shuffles
  • Caching
  • Web Monitoring
  • Use Cases
  • Serialization
  • Troubleshooting

Spark SQL:

  • Introduction to Spark SQL & Data Frames
  • DataSets
  • Integration with Different Data Source
  • Use cases and Hand-on

Spark GraphX:

  • Introduction to GraphX
  • The GraphX API
  • Pregel
  • Use cases and Hands-on


4 days

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