Micro-services with Spring Boot & Spring Cloud


Micro-services are the current architectural trend.
In this course, the students will learn how to implement micro-services using Spring Cloud and Spring Boot.

Target Audience

Java developers, team leaders and project managers


  • Profound knowledge the Java language
  • Profound knowledge of Spring Core v4


Spring DI and Boot overview:

  • Spring Beans Overview
  • Spring Boot Architecture
  • Spring Boot Starters
  • Build and Deploy
  • Integration of Spring Services

Micro-services Overview:

  • Introduction to Micro-Services
  • Motivation
  • Challenges
  • Cloud-Native development and principles – design patterns

Spring Cloud:

  • Application Contexts in Spring Cloud
  • Bootstrapping
  • Central configuration
  • Service Discovery
  • High Availability
  • Using Circuit-Breaker
  • Load Balancing
  • The Cloud Bus



2 days

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