Introduction to Behavior Driven Development


Behavior-driven development is an agile methodology aimed at improving communication between developers, testers, business analysts and others while working on a product. It allows all stakeholders to get a common view of the requirements, what is already implemented and the complexity of the upcoming features. The tests written in Cucumber not only direct the implementation of the product but also support the maintainability of the code throughout the lifecycle of the product
The course starts with the origins of BDD and how it was applied in the context of agile projects. We then start to work thorough examples of how requirements can be defined using Gherkin, a language within Cucumber, the main tool for executing BDD scenarios. We learn how to set up Cucumber scenarios, write and maintain them, as well as write the code to make them run. At the end of the course we’ll have a working application built in BDD.

Target Audience

Developers, testers and business analysts with software development background.


2 days

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