Git for Devs


Git became the standard for source control in the software industry. Its speed and rich API empowers developers to collaborate with each other.
In this course, you will what Git is, how to work with it and the best practices (like Git flow or feature branches) for using Git in a development project.
The course provides extensive hands-on and the students will build their own Git environment on the cloud.

Target Audience

Developers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, CMs


  • Familiarity with development practices or basic scripting abilities
  • Understanding of software development cycle


Introduction to Git:

  • What is version control?
  • What is Git
  • Git architecture

Basic commands:

  • Creating Git repository
  • Committing changes
  • Using branches
    • Creation, deletion
    • Merging strategies
        • Rebase
        • Merge

Working with remote repositories:

  • Cloning repositories
  • Pushing changes to remote repo
  • Synchronizing with a remote repository
  • Working with pull requests


  • Using the stash for temporary changes
  • Undoing changes
  • Rewriting history

Work flows:

  • Centralized
  • Feature branches
  • Git flow







1 day

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