Crash course into Python


Python is a popular general-purpose interpreted, which is free to use, supports all major platforms, provides a comprehensive library and is backed by a broad user base that keeps it up to date.
The course uses Python 2, but applies to Python 3 as well.

Target Audience

Developers, Data engineers, Data scientists


Basic Programming Concepts (control flows, conditionals, scripting)


Quick starter:

  • Installation
  • Dictionary-based variables
  • Data types
  • Console I/O

Procedural/Functional Python:

  • Control flow constructs
  • Functions
  • Slicing
  • List comprehension
  • Exception handling

Modules and packages – definition and usage

Data abstraction in Python:

  • Encapsulation of function and data in class
    • Constructor
    • Methods
  • Operator overloading
  • Generator
  • Iterator

Object-oriented Python:

  • Inheritance
  • Overriding methods and data


  • The with statement
  • Files
  • Web requests
  • Flask


2 days

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