Building Reusable Web Components


Web development changed dramatically during the last years. Today, more than ever, when you are building your front-end you will probably want to reuse components across your application. But HTML elements are very limited, so what can we do?
In this one day workshop, we will deep dive into ways you can componentize your front-end. We will start by presenting the new HTML5 Web Components standard. Later on, we will explore libraries such as Polymer and Stencil compiler which can help you to build web components faster and includes a lot of built-in web components.

Target Audience

  • Web Developers and Architects


  • Good familiarity with JavaScript
  • Basic familiarity with WEB world including CSS and HTML


Web Components Driven Development

  • Defining What are Components
  • Components Architecture
  • App Data Flow options

HTML5 Web Components APIs

  • The Problems we Faced
  • Web Components APIs
  • Templates
  • Imports
  • Module Type
  • Shadow DOM
  • Custom Elements


  • The Polymer Library
  • The Elements Catalog
  • Polymer Starter Kit
  • Going to Production


  • What is Stencil?
  • Getting Started with Stencil
  • Stencil API
  • Going to Production


1 day

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