Become a React Expert


Developing one or multiple components using React is easy. However, as application grows it becomes crucial to understand the mechanism beyond React and able to profile and hook into it.

During this 3 days course, we deep dive into React implementation details and cover architecture details and alternatives.

At the end of the course you will be able to describe best practices, profile existing application and optimize different aspects of the application

Target Audience

Front end developers


  • At least ½ year experience with React
  • Good familiarity with JavaScript
  • Good familiarity with the WEB world including HTTP, CSS and HTML



    Reconciliation in Depth 

  • What & When
  • The challenge
  • React heuristic
  • React diffing algorithm explained
  • Analyze the source code
  • Recursing on children inefficiency
  • Keys
  • Dos & Don’ts
  • Component Lifecycle
  • What is React fiber

Advanced Component Architecture 

  • Composition vs. Mixin
  • Dealing with forms
  • Lifting state up
  • Externalizing state
  • Refs and DOM
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Stateless components
  • Dumb vs. smart component
  • Higher order component
  • 3rd party library integration
  • Context & providers
  • Dealing with deep nested dumb component

Advanced Redux 

  • Async flow
  • redux-thunk
  • redux-saga
  • Custom Middleware
  • Selectors
  • Using ImmutableJS
  • Integrating router
  • Normalization
  • Redux alternatives

Profiling & Optimizing 

  • Common inefficiencies
  • Using Chrome dev tools
  • Integrate application with User Timing API
  • Analyze memory leaks
  • Analyze CPU usage
  • Analyze rendering
  • Why did you render
  • Improve logging
  • Performance counters

More Advanced Topics 

  • Lazy loading
  • Server side rendering
  • CSS modules & Styled components
  • Rollup vs. Fusebox vs. Webpack
  • Custom Webpack plugin
  • Preact



3 days

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