Advanced Docker


In this course, the students will become familiar with Docker’s architecture and best practices. The course focuses on core Docker and Docker’s Swarm clustering. Docker & Swarm topics will be followed by extensive hands-on exercises which are crucial to the understanding of the material.
The course also introduces Kubernetes (K8S) and covers the differences between Docker Swarm & K8S.


Target Audience

  • Developers
  • DevOps


Basic Programming Skills


Core Docker

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker’s Architecture
  • Images, Registries & Containers
  • The Dockerfile
  • Best Practices
  • Debugging & Troubleshooting

Docker Swarm

  • The Swarm Cluster
  • Introduction to Services
  • Discovery
  • Networking
  • Compose & Stack
  • Handling Configuration
  • Security Considerations

Introduction to Kubernetes (K8S)

  • Main Concepts (Pod, Deployment, Job, Service)
  • K8S Health Check
  • Rolling Upgrades/Downgrades
  • Handling Configuration
  • Security Considerations
  • Comparison to Swarm


2 days

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