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About Trainologic

Trainologic provides end-to-end development, consulting and training solutions for today’s top software technologies.

Trainologic knowledge experts bring to the market years of experience in enterprise application development (Java, Spring, Scala, NoSQL), big data (MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, Lucene, Solr, Elastic search), web development and front-end technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Node.js), Architectural Design, and DevOps (TDD, CI, CD, Docker, Ansible).

What makes Trainologic unique is that we combine our technology knowledge with hands-on development, consulting and training services that result in substantial benefits for our customers.

At Trainologic, consulting is not just providing expert advice and training is not just teaching new skills.

We truly involve ourselves, work closely with our customers, and are constantly researching new architectures and technologies to make sure our knowledge remains current and in sync. Our people choose to work with us because for us technology is the essence. We are expert technologists but also think of the bottom line.

Our added value is that we do not leave our knowledge in the realm of theory – we become strategic advisors to each of our customers in each of their selected technologies.

We work with brands we believe in